Shamita Shetty With 'No Panties' Scandal

Bollywood star Shamita Shetty have already rocked her fans with the exotic hot song SHARARA SHARARA. She is also the younger sister of Super star SHILPA SHETTY but now she is in the news for a BAD reason. Shamita went pantiless in a party.

You can see in the picture's given above that she is completely unafraid of the camera's that are catching her at the very moment, showing that it must be a deliberate action from her to get attention of the media as she was not doing good in her bollywood carrier.

This is not the first time a Bollywood star has gone pantiless, infact Yana Gupta and Neetu Chandra have already faced alot of criticism in the past, but now as it seems Shamita is also ready to bear it all.

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