Secrets: SRK Rani tour of Bangladesh (scandal)

The most talked about cultural event of 2010 is, Shahrukh Khan Night organized in Dhaka by Antar Showbiz. Just imagine! Who is the owner of this company is. Yes, Swapan Chowdhury, who is a former leader of the youth front of Bangladesh Nationalist Party! 

How Swapan Chowdhury manages to organize such huge event? Who are the people behind him?

According to various sources, Antar Showbiz paid US$ 200,000 only to Shahrukh Khan for his few hour performances on December 10, 2010. On the other hand, Rani Mujkherjee has been paid US$ 50,000; Isha Kopikar US$ 25,000; Arjun Rampal US$ 15,000 etc.

The entire amount of remuneration, paid to Indian artistes was smuggled out of Bangladesh through illegal channel. Antar Showbiz never sought any permission from Bangladesh Bank for such huge remittance of foreign currency.

It is also learnt that, Antar Showbiz has cashed US$ 1.5 million from the sales proceeds of tickets, while it has received at least US$ 200,000 from the sponsors. And most surprisingly, Bangladeshi government did not receive even a fraction of the accrued amusement tax and Value Added Tax from the sale of tickets.

And here is the worst part of the story! Antar Showbiz’s owner Swapan Chowdhury sold “private time” with Rani Mukherjee at the rate of US$ 20,000 per 30 minutes. According to information, more than 27 local elites have purchased such “private time” with Rani.

On the other hand, “private time” with Isha Kopikar is sold for US$ 10,000 per 30 minutes. There is also no less rush for spending private time with this sexiest Bollywood star.

Is it not dirty enough? How a local event management company has been allowed to sell such “private time” of foreign artistes almost openly? Shall I call it a high profile pimping service?

We have enough tolerated the cultural expansionism of Delhi.

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