No panty girl Yana Gupta

A new more brazen, more bold, unedited and uncensored version of the classic Yana Gupta no panty video has found its way to the internet. While most websites and Tv channels were conservative enough not to show Yana Gupta’s uncovered, bare crotch the latest edition or version of the Yana Gupta no panty video as it has come to be known, is far more brazen and bold. Check it out for yourself.

Meanwhile since last week, since the news of her no-panty stunt broke, Yana Gupta is probably more searched on the internet than Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone put together.

And thanks to the insatiable hunger of men and women all over the world lusting for the no-panty, wardrobe malfunction photos on the internet, several digitally altered, morphed and manipulated fake photos have found their way on several websites, blogs and bulletin boards.
The “No Panty Girl” Yana Gupta – she now spells her name as YAANA GUPTA, confided on Twitter that she has got boxes full of panties in all shapes, designs and colours for Christmas from all over the world. Speaking to her fans, she said, “Now I will not have to go without them ever.” She also added that she was surprised how she was the last to know that some magazine had offered her Rs One Crore to pose nude for their cover.

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