Sonam Kapoor calls Shobhaa De the Wicked Witch Slang

Those of you, who consider Sonam Kapoor to be one of the sweetest Bollywood actresses, should think again. Sonam Kapoor can be quite vindictive towards people who don’t sing her praises.
Recently Sonam Kapoor unleashed her fury at her long time rival Shobhaa De at the Halloween Bash of Bombay Times. The Kapoor girl turned up at the party all decked up and bonded big time with Farah Khan and Riteish Deshmukh.

The trio had a gala time at the Halloween Bash of Bollywood Times. Later, in the night they were seen debating on the contender for the ‘Wicked Witch’ title of Bollywood.

After a lot of cajoling the group revealed that Sonam considered Shobhaa De fit to be the ‘Wicked Witch of Bollywood’. The other two members of the trio were also unanimous in their support for Sonam’s decision and said that the columnist and ‘Page 3′ regular Shobhaa De deserves the title.

Recently Shobhaa De wrote a bad review of Sonam Kapoor’s movie I Hate Luv Storys and named it I Hate Dumb Stories. The actress was quick to come back with a verbal quip that seemed like a personal attack to the veteran columnist and writer.

The verbal jibes between the actress and the film critic has turned into a Battle Royale. These two celebrities do not seem to miss a single opportunity to exchange a few caustic remarks about each other.

By labeling Shobhaa De as the ‘Wicked Witch’ of Bollywood, Sonam has made it very clear that she will lash out against anyone who does not flatter her with compliments.

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