Rakhi Sawant claims she had met suicide victim, Rinky aka Priyanshi Chaudhary before the latter took her own life and that she had no inkling what the model was going through
Rakhi Sawant claims she knew suicide victim, model Rinky Chaudhary and last met her days before her death. The model’s appearance shocked the ‘Insaaf’ ki devi.

Says Sawant, “I had worked with her in Priyadarshan’s Malaamal Weekly. She had done three films with Priyan Sir. She was slim and happy then.

I ran into her recently at a parlour and was shocked at how much weight she had put on. I advised her to join a gym. And she did. If only I had known what she was going through, I’d have definitely helped her.”

Men ain’t worth it

Rakhi begins a tirade against men, “I am shocked that a girl as decent and warm as Rinky died for a man. Men are not worth killing yourself for. I’ve been through broken relationships.

Men are only interested in one thing in women…. Once done, they lose interest. Men need fresh meat all the time.

Ninety per cent men are like that. As long as their wives don’t know, they are happy doing their own thing.”

She adds, “My boyfriend (Abhishek Awasthi) was a two-timer. I said bye to him. I didn’t kill myself. I forgave him.

My marriage on television (to Elesh Parujanwala) also turned out to be a fiasco. I got to know he was here for publicity, not marriage.

I’ve no interest in dating boys any longer. I’ll directly move to marriage and set up my home, whenever it happens.”

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